Developed by young business professionals for young business professionals

When our founders entered the business world at a young age, they spent days looking for a modern and efficient way to carry around their daily products at work. No matter where they looked, the only business attire option they could find was the traditional black briefcase.

After much frustration, they came to the realization: no one really likes briefcases anymore. They feel too old-fashioned, too bulky, and are inconvenient to carry around. Realizing that there was no alternative to the briefcase, our team decided to design one ourselves, so we launched EZRI.
We created premium backpack models that fit the traditional business attire while introducing a young, modern look. In doing so, we integrated all the practical needs of the typical businessman to our backpacks, making them as functional as they can be.

We spent months in design because we wanted everything to be perfect: we wanted to solve every single need, every single difficulty, every single inconvenience that a young business professional may have throughout their workday. Thank God, our efforts reaped, and our greatest dreams of EZRI became a reality.


At EZRI, we don't just design products, we design a lifestyle: the business lifestyle.

The EZRI brand was developed with a long term goal in mind: to revitalize the traditional business attire in the professional world. In order to do so, we want to establish the presence of a modern look in common business items that have become outdated. Yes, we started with backpacks, because the briefcase desperately needed to be replaced. But we won't stop there. At EZR, we hope to continue to expand and grow our modern designs to other products commonly used in the business world, introducing a renewed look to the industry while maintaining business attire formality. In doing so, we aim to make the daily lives of our clients a more convenient one, always providing the solutions to their business needs as they grow in their career path.


We knew that to make
our bags as modern as
possible, we had to
leverage a minimalistic
design without cutting
back on functionalities.

When it came to the look of the bags, we wanted them to stand out. We wanted our clients to never get bored from looking and packing their EZRI Backpack. We felt that a business backpack had to be able to maintain its shape, evenwhen empty. So we chose the best materials out there, combining them to give our bags a long-lasting structure.
And at the same time, we needed our designs to be sleek, professional, and modern. We knew that to make our bags as modern as possible, we had to leverage a minimalistic design without cutting back on functionalities. To do so, we relied on hidden pockets and unique full range Zipper designs that make packing a true pleasure.
But a modern exterior design was not enough. The inside had to be just as incredible too. In order to portray the business attire, we designed our interiors with fine black lining that creates a fancy look. With zipper mesh compartments, pen holders, leather boarded pockets, and more, our interiors can neatly store all your business items.